Slow Coach Coaching..

“so have have you been recently?”
“oh you know…keeping busy with stuff”
“yes it’s good to be busy right?”
“yeah” I’d lost count of the number of conversations i had that had a similar tone to the one above.
Do you have these conversations?

Keeping busy seems like a badge of honour that unless we are doing any number of things, we aren’t acknowledged for it. Perversely saying to friends and family ‘I’m actually not doing anything today, i’m going to sit and maybe go for a walk later’ brought up looks of concern.
It’s became the norm to wake, check messages/email/social media on your phone, eat breakfast while reading the news, in my gym there are running machines with banks of televisions overlooking them so you can look at the weather whilst working out.

I’ve been thinking about the art of slow living for a while, since i took a few mindfulness courses.

I’d realised i’d embraced it without fully acknowledging i was doing it, i wasn’t giving myself the time to appreciate what i had gifted myself (which sounds counter productive i know) Living on a narrowboat lends itself to a slower pace of life. it’s almost forced my way of being. Cruising from London through Oxfordshire, up to Stratford Upon Avon and across to Birmingham before coming back down again is one of the highlights of my life. When you can’t travel faster then walking pace, your body and mind naturally calms. Of course I have things i deal with on the boat, including minor repairs, picking up water and provisions (forward planning is essential) as is having a savvy knowledge of the area, but these are all small in comparison to the benefits i enjoy gifting myself a slower pace of life.

Slow Coach Coaching, The Art Of Slow Living and the Power of the Pause is an area of life i coach in. The permission to slow down and stop is powerful. Want to know more? get in touch!