what i do…

If you are already successful but ready for more, or know you have something special to share but have difficulty identifying, moving or putting it across to others, life coaching could be for you.

I will always hold space for you and want you to know:

You are heard

You are seen

you are loved

Take control of yourself, your career, your relationships and every other part of your life. Get unstuck, find clarity and move forwards. Decide where you want to go, how to get there and by when. Live a fulfilled life, be more dynamic, effective, efficient and content. Make more money, get to the real you and identify what you want from life.
Make your movie, write your book, change career, find love and discover who you really are.
Coaching can take place on a one-to- one basis or in a group, in person, on the phone or by Skype.
I fail. I have failed and i have succeeded. My breakdown breakthrough happened, and this sounds incredibly simple writing it down, not so simple in practice, when i eventually realised i wasn’t broken and didn’t need fixing, by myself or anyone else. My breakdown breakthrough happened when i realised i was good enough. Having been through my own process, our work together will be on the belief that you too, don’t need fixing, you are not broken – what i do is hold a mirror up to you and allow you to see areas of your own life that you can grow in.