some reasons why you shouldn’t work with me..

I go deep. I’m not one of these people who tell you what you want to hear for the sake of you wanting to hear it. I’ve studied Ontology*, which means creating long lasting deep changes to your life, if that’s what you want – great.
I don’t edit myself just because i’m talking to the CEO of a blue chip company or the CEO of a household with 4 kids. I swear. I have bad days. I tell things as i see them. What you see is very much what you get. I am authentic.
A mutual understanding that we are two perfectly imperfect people moving through life. A mutual understanding that you are not broken.
I will never dictate to you what you ‘should’ do. Should’s can take a fucking hike, as can me telling you how to life your life. No. It’s your life. You know how to live it, you’ve just got a little stuck and that’s okay.
I’m an empath. I can place myself in your position. I’m an emotional being and whilst holding the space for you, may very well cry, laugh, and feel for you.
*Ontology is the study of nature, being, existence and reality. For coaching, it means that we will work on ‘who you are being’ in your life. Who you are ‘being’ is the primary driver behind what you do, how you act and ultimately, the self-fulfilment and results that you create in your life.