how are you qualified to do what you do?
I have training under the Project 2000 Nursing Diploma course, a first class degree in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Greenwich, working as an actor, actors agent (which encompasses a great deal of both counselling, mentoring and coaching work). In addition I am currently in the process of completing my Transformational Life Coaching Qualification with Animas Coaching This is certified by the International leading body for coaching standards – the International Coach Federation (ICF), and provides 123 ICF accredited training hours – more than twice the amount required to become credentialed with the ICF. Animas was chosen because I didn’t just want to be a normal certified coach, but I wanted to pursue the most comprehensive and in depth training that will enable me to add the most value to our work together (you’ll thank me after) More than that however, i value my life experience. when we work together you’ll meet a natural empath, comfortable in his own skin and i’ll give you 100% of me, 100% of the time.

Why do i need a coach?

You don’t. Just as no-one needs a coach to play tennis. However I can guarantee working with a transformational coach will get you to where you want to be quicker. You may choose to work with a transformational coach for many reasons – the most common ones are:
you’re stuck and indecisive, you’re unsure of what you want in life, You want to improve your confidence/leadership skills/health and fitness/love life, you’re afraid of what’s next in life and want someone to help you navigate

Why did you decide to become a coach?
I first decided after working with my own coach in 2017. I also realised i was coaching my own agency clients without realising i was coaching which developed my practice. Coaching made such a huge difference to how i showed up in the world i needed to understand how it worked. I soon realised how much of a difference the coaching industry could make in the world and I fell in love with personal development. Now, I love to grow alongside the clients I work with.