I am a Personal Impact, Communications and Creativity life coach providing coaching, workshops and 1-2-1 consulting all over the world – I am a gritty, approachable and empathic professional, strong at thinking on my feet and gently pushing for people to get beyond their perceived limits, both personally and professionally.

Heavily inspired by the work of, amongst others Pema Chodron, Rupert Spira, Jeff Foster, Wayne Dyer, Jamie Catto, Brene Brown, Bruce Lipton, Liz Gilbert, Gina Battye, Eckhart Tolle and Adam Roa – In addition I have worked personally with Rupert, Jeff, Jamie and Gina. I am an actor, a voice artist, a coach, a business owner, a spiritual mentor. More than all of these labels though, i am a human being. Some days i just want to stay in bed binge-watching Netflix, numbing my own pain, not allowing myself to feel what’s really bubbling underneath. Other days i study how i’m wired so i can work myself out to make growth happen.

I initially trained in Nursing starting the the Project 2000 Nursing Diploma at Greenwich Hospital in 1994. Twenty years later I made the trip to New York to study acting at the acclaimed Stella Adler School, continuing my sessions at the AMAW School in London – found out all about my screen and stage experience here: http://www.spotlight.com/0135-1277-8097

I host meditation and workshop sessions in London, Oxford and abroad. I work internationally, in person or by Skype.

I have a therapist called Randy and my own coach called Rachael. Randy grounds me in the process of psychosynthesis – this is the study of personal growth and development (you can find out more about that style of therapy here: https://www.psychosynthesis.org/) Rachael brings me up and shows me potential in areas of my own life that need growth.

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